Using nGeniusPulse to verify your remote bandiwdth

nGeniusPULSE from Netscout uses active, synthetic testing to verify the availability and performance of the applications and services your users need. I’ve found that trusting the capabilities of your remote site networks requires verification and validation.

We can do this using the Netscout nGeniusPulse platform to run customized remote tests. In this example, uncovering that the automated tests performed between nPoints at branch offices and the site iPerf servers uncovered a few locations where the bandwidth being delivered to the locations did not meet the contracted speeds!

nGeniusPulse Bandwidth Check

Get Procurement on the line, they need to resolve this ASAP! When we provided copies of these details to the service providers, they were able to make the appropriate corrections and deliver the proper bandwidth to the remote sites!!!

A win for Netscout and a definite win for our remote employees!

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