Communication Ports Used with Netscout InfiniStream Appliances

Deploying Netscout InfiniStream Appliances Fig. 1: InfiniStream Appliances Provide Full Visibility

If you are wondering what ports must be open for functional use of your Netscout InfiniStream appliance you can refer to this handy table:

Port Source Destination Description
TCP/22 UDP/22 SSH Client InfiniStream Appliance Remote access clients using Secure Shell (SSH) (for example, PuTTY and WinSCP) to directly access the operating system and Agent Configuration utility on the appliance. When Arbor Spectrum software is running on the InfiniStream appliance, required for clients to access the Spectrum collector CLI.
TCP/53 UDP/53 InfiniStream Appliance DNS Server DNS lookup port
UDP/69 nGeniusONE Server InfiniStream Appliance TFTP port for InfiniStream software and decode pack upgrades
TCP/80 InfiniStream Console Client InfiniStream Appliance InfiniStream Console decode service
UDP/123 InfiniStream Appliance NTP Server Network Time Protocol (NTP)
UDP/161 nGeniusONE Server InfiniStream Appliance SNMP between nGeniusONE server and InfiniStream appliance - often replaced by HTTPS (TCP/8443) for more secured communication
UDP/162 nGeniusONE Server InfiniStream Appliance SNMP Traps between nGeniusONE server and InfiniStream appliance
UDP/395 nGeniusONE Server InfiniStream Appliance NETSCOUT Trap (NETCP) between nGeniusONE server and InfiniStream appliances
UDP/514 InfiniStream Appliance Enterprise Management Server For transferring syslogs from the InfiniStream appliance to an external management server. Optional for general InfiniStream appliance usage (refer to “Directing Log Messages to an External Server” on page 7-29 for instructions).
TCP/1099 nGeniusONE Server InfiniStream Appliance Default RMI ports used by nGenius Performance Manager
TCP/3306 UDP/3306 nGenius Voice Video Manager InfiniStream Appliance
TCP/4242 InfiniStream Console InfiniStream Appliance InfiniStream Console connections to InfiniStream appliance (this port is automatically disabled if the InfiniStream Console is not enabled in the Agent Configuration utility)
TCP/8080 UDP/8080 InfiniStream Appliance nGeniusONE Server When the InfiniStream appliance is configured to use nGeniusONE authentication, this port is used to transmit the username and password, and to retrieve slice size and the user role.
TCP/8080 UDP/8080 nGeniusONE Server InfiniStream Appliance HTTP communication between nGeniusONE server and InfiniStream appliance, including HTTP Tunneling (if used).
TCP/8443 nGeniusONE Server InfiniStream Appliance HTTPS secure communication between nGeniusONE server and InfiniStream appliance, including data-mining and data export

If something isn’t working make sure you have these ports open on your firewalls between the Core and Access networks.