Ports and Processes Table

Netscout nGenius PFS Management is a Java-based application providing connectivity management of the nGenius 3900 series packet flow switch from virtually any location.

The following configuration can be customized based on your environment or needs and lists the external server communication ports and processes attached to each port. Some cannot disabled, and some cannot use a different port…

Function Port Port # Configurable By Default Can be Disabled Comment Process
ssh tcp/22 No On No Redundant external servers use tcp port 22 for ssh and scp and ICMP echo request/echo reply for ping. sshd
TLS Tcp/60100 No Off Yes Only used when Client TLS option is enabled. UDBServ (HorizONServ in external server)
TLS Tcp/60101 No Off Yes Only used when Client TLS option is enabled. UDBServ (HorizONServ in external server)
http Tcp/80 Yes On Yes httpd
https Tcp/443 Yes Off Yes httpd
SSH CLI Tcp/22022 Yes Off Yes horizONsshd
CLI Tcp/53058 Yes On Yes UDBServ (HorizONServ in external server)
GUI Tcp/50100 No On No UDBServ (HorizONServ in external server)
GUI Tcp/50101 No On No GUI Client polls server using this port. UDBServ (HorizONServ in external server)
postgres Tcp/5432 No On No Access is managed by pg_hba.conf (determines clients that can connect). Embedded server does not allow external connections. External server allows only redundant server to connect. postgres database
switch discovery Udp/65500 No On No Used by the switch to listen for external servers sending discovery cmds. Will only answer to well formatted packets. UCSMgmt
switch discovery Udp/65501 No On No Used by the server to process the answers from the switches. HorizONServ
ntp Udp/123 No Off No Time protocol ntpd
server redundancy Tcp/58990 No Off Yes Used only when redundancy in external server is enabled. UDBMonitor
server/switch comm. Tcp/3500 No On No Proprietary payload carries commands and responses. UCSMgmt