Enabling Transmit Capability on Netscout InfiniStreamNG Interfaces with nGenius Packet Flow eXtender (PFX)

By default, InfiniStream monitor interfaces/ports operate in receive-only mode. However, nGenius Packet Flow eXtender (PFX) and tunnel termination features allow these ports to be enabled for transmit as well. This transmit capability is supported on the following InfiniStreamNG models:

  • InfiniStream 1410H, 2395H, 2410H, 2695H, 4695H, 4795H, 4895H, 6695G, 9795G, 9802G, 9807G, and 9895G hardware appliances
  • C-01410, C-02695, C-04895, C-06695, C-09895, C-09A02, C-09A07, and C-09A95 Certified InfiniStreamNG appliances

For PFX mode or to terminate tunnels: you must download and install a .pfx_enable file from My.NETSCOUT.com onto the InfiniStreamNG appliance. Until this file is present on the appliance, PFX options in the Agent Configuration Utility (localconsole) are not displayed and interfaces cannot be configured in PFX mode. You must obtain and install the .pfx_enable file, AFTER upgrading the InfiniStreamNG appliance to v6.2.1…

With InfiniStreamNG as its foundation, PFX delivers the performance and scaling capabilities needed to process network traffic generated by millions of users, using hundreds of applications!

Configuring NetFlow Generation

This section describes how to enable packet header stripping for GRE or MPLS tunnels (or both) using the PFX Options sub-menu in the Agent Configuration Utility. You can also enter command-line mode and use the set PFX command to configure this feature;

  1. If it is not open already, launch the Agent Configuration Utility by navigating to the /opt/NetScout/rtm/bin directory and running the ./localconsole command.
  2. At the Agent Configuration Utility main menu, type the menu number for the PFX Options sub-menu and press Enter.

To display a summary of all current PFX configuration settings, enter the command

get pfx

To display NetFlow configuration settings across all applicable interfaces, enter

get pfx netflow

To view settings for a specific interface, include the interface number

get pfx <ifn>

To view the configuration for a particular PFX feature on an interlace, add one of the option settings

get pfx <ifn> <option>

When using PFX for NetFlow Generation you will be able to do the following:

  • Generate NetFlow versions v5, v9 and IPFIX
  • Configure an active timer
  • Export to up to four (4) NetFlow destination collectors
  • Produce Detailed Flow statistics

Netscout offers a range of appliances and software options suitable for deploying in multiple topologies for different size installations from small to large enterprise and service provider data centers.

Architectural example using PFX Fig. 1: InfiniStreamNG as Foundation for PFX