I Recommend The Nano iPod

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It is inconceivable at this point for them to 'fail' with the iPod empire they have built. And build it they have, from each iPod shipped to each iTunes download, the empire grows.

While it seems to be a lock-in of some type, the support for one-way imports of mp3 files gives the impression of openess but then GNU/Linux programs like gtkiPod flip the tables and allow not only two way transfer but seamless two way transfer! So I grudgingly give Steve his empire, while I have my nano, I am happy. Music and podcasts flow back and forth on my device and I smile to a new tune.

So with all this in mind I without reservation will recommend the iPod Nano to anyone who asks, as a portable, integrated unit for music playback. it works, and it works well. All the competitors offer only features to a perfect user interface.

Daring Fireball: The iPod Juggernaut

If someone, anyone, intended to come out with a serious iPod competitor, wouldn’t it be here already? What could they possibly be waiting for? Clearly, the longer Apple maintains its lead, the harder it’s going to be for anyone to take it away.

Apple 1 GB iPod Nano White

Model Size Price Cost Per MB
iPod Nano 1 GB 1024 $149 0.145507813
iPod Nano 2 GB 2048 $199 0.097167969
iPod Nano 4 GB 4096 $249 0.060791016

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