dd ports for win32 and Windows 2000

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dd for windows
Tested and verified this works. For floppy images.

Make an image of a floppy disk

dd if=\\.\a: of=c:\temp\disk1.img bs=1440k

Make a disk from an image

dd if=c:\temp\disk1.img of=\\.\a: bs=1440k

Rip an .iso from a CD

dd if=\\?\Device\CdRom0 of=c:\temp\disc1.iso bs=1M

cygwin syntax:
dd if=/dev/scd0 of=disc1.iso bs=1M

Read a USB memory device

dd if=\\.\Volume{c18588c0-02e9-11d8-853f-00902758442b} of=c:\temp\usb1.img bs=1M

You can write to any file or block device which windows will allow you to write to. You can use \\.\ notation for win32 exported devices or \\?\ and the windows native device name.
Alternate versions

This is a list of other dd tools for windows from
other projects:

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Chirag Patel said:

how to create the image of MBR windowsxp and windows98 using the dd command

Peter said:

The site is the best

madmarky said:

Powerful utility, but too bad that it cannot be used in pipes like the Linux dd utility.

goneaway said:

This is cool but I fear the powers of dd given that it is a firehose of a utility.

Simple rules:
1. Type out dd command with flags
2. Remove hands from keyboard
3. Think very hard about what you've just typed
4. Hit return

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