BitTorrent Linux Client Torrents From Command Line

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On the always informative Need to Know is mentioned several BitTorrent options including a new command line client.

[...] toying with the far more Unixy SNARK, which wraps up a torrent creator with a built-in tracker to give you one-line distribution. But only for those non-infringing files, kids!

The Hunting of the Snark Project

Snark is a client for downloading and sharing files distributed with the BitTorrent protocol. It is mainly used for exploring the BitTorrent protocol and experimenting with the the GNU Compiler for Java (gcj). But it can also be used as a regular BitTorrent Client.

Since the 0.2 release Snark can also act as a torrent creator, micro http server for delivering metainfo.torrent files and has an integrated Tracker for making sharing of files as easy as possible. When you give the option --share Snark will automatically create a .torrent file, start a very simple webserver to distribute the metainfo.torrent file and a local tracker that other BitTorrent clients can connect to.

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