Structure and Interpretation of Computer Programs

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Krzysztof Kowalczyk pointed out something I missed last year. I'm disappointed I didn't know of it sooner. Anyway the Structure and Interpretation of Computer Programs was given as a lecture series "

in July 1986 for Hewlett-Packard employees, and professionally produced by Hewlett-Packard Television at HP."

The entire 20 part series has been released under the Creative Commons license.
I did download the first lecture today. These are hugh. the Divx version was 505MB. The quality appears to be about a VHS tape, there are some tracking artifacts and occasional glitches. The sound is incredibly good. I recommend the course to anyone interested in programming or CS. Also see the companion book which is online: Structure and Interpretation of Computer Programs second edition I added up the sizes and it comes in a hair under 10GB for all the divx files. You can guess what I'll be downloading the next few weeks.

See also this other page which I tracked down trying to refind Krzysztof's post which I didn't get around to site management (bad author, no cookie).
Adam Wendt's Agnostic Audiophile Smorgasbord: Video Lectures

  • Structure and Interpretation of Computer Programs
    has been MIT's introductory pre-professional computer science subject
    since 1981. It emphasizes the role of computer languages as vehicles
    for expressing knowledge and it presents basic principles of
    abstraction and modularity, together with essential techniques for
    designing and implementing computer languages. This course has had a
    worldwide impact on computer science curricula over the past two

  • Linear Algebra:
    Basic subject on matrix theory and linear algebra, emphasizing topics
    useful in other disciplines, including systems of equations, vector
    spaces, determinants, eigenvalues, similarity, and positive definite
    matrices. Applications to least-squares approximations, stability of
    differential equations, networks, Fourier transforms, and Markov

  • Video Lecture Showcase: a site with a whole bunch of links to other online video lectures in lots of different subjects

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