Mitch Kapor promises Open Source Outlook Killer

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Mitch Kapor's Weblog: You're Making a What?
Mitch thinks he has what it takes to unseat Outlook as the reigning PIM/Email application. But whereas Outlook depends on Exchange Servers to function, his endeavor will be pure Peer to Peer. Slashdot had this story.

We are trying to make a PIM which is substantive enough and enticing enough to make people want to move to it from whatever they are currently using, which statistically is probably Microsoft Outlook. I'm not going to bash Outlook here. Suffice it to say that while feature-rich, it is highly very complex, which renders most of its functionality moot. Its information sharing features require use of Microsoft Exchange, a server-based product, which is both expensive and complex to administer. Exchange is overkill for small-to-medium organizations, which we think creates on opportunity we intend to pursue (as well of course as serving individual users)

Have I mentioned it's going to run on Macintosh, GNU/Linux, and Windows and will not require a server? This is an ambitious goal, but we are convinced is possible to achieve using a cross-platform tool kit. (We are working with wxWindows/wxPython).

Also, everything is going to be fully open sourced.

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