FreeBSD or Linux for your MySQL Server?

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Jeremy Zawodny's blog: FreeBSD or GNU/Linux for your MySQL Server?
Jeremy provides some incredible insight on the whys and hows of web databases.

Comparing GNU/Linux to BSD he has an interesting conclusion. Which if you knew Yahoo is a BSD shop would be even more fascinating.

When FreeBSD is Better: VM
If you are in the majority of FreeBSD users who never see major problems with MySQL on FreeBSD, there are some real advantages to staying there--not moving to GNU/Linux. The single biggest advantage is FreeBSD's VM subsystem. Under the workloads I've tested, it always outperforms GNU/Linux 2.4.x (where x is 9, 12, 16, and 18). When GNU/Linux decides to swap out data that is destined to be used again soon (think key buffer), FreeBSD doesn't go down that route.

Hint: Linus Torvalds is considering naming the next version of the kernel; 3.0 because of work on the VM.

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